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7 July


My livejournal has gone through many incarnations. In the very beginning, it was just a way to keep in touch with family, while I was out of town for a calendar competition. Then, I discovered Harry Potter Fan Fiction, and began to write. After four years of that, I moved on to Twilight. I even wrote a few very short, original pieces. All the writing can be found here, in my memories list. For the most part, the fiction is unlocked, though it IS appropriately labeled for age-restricting. If you are reading here, and come across something that is locked, please contact me, and I'll try to get it unlocked for you.

For a time, I worked on an original story I began during NaNoWriMo 2009. I had hoped to finish it, edit it a hundred times and perhaps someone would publish it when I am dead. (Isn't that how it works?) These days I can barely recall the premise of that story, much less where I intended to take it.

Instead I edit for Freya's Bower and Wildchild Publishing, spend a lot of time and energy on work, playing with the kids, and helping to finish the old farmhouse where I live with my new husband. We play a lot of pinball, and are often on the lookout for new machines. The journal these days is not so much a creative outlet as an outlet for stress, and a place to textually work through my demons left over after an unexpected divorce. That being the case, most new posts are locked to a very abbreviated friends list. I'm much more reclusive than I have been in years past. If you were a fandom friend, I miss you. But the nature of my posts being what they are, the journal isn't really appropriate for casual acquaintances anymore.


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